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Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful Mural Project

  “A Happy Place” by Mary Tomas was selected as the winning mural design. 

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Interested in Sponsoring the Soddy-Daisy Mural Project:

Donate to the Mural Project

Call for Artists

Submittal Deadline:  June 21, 2022, 5:00 PM (Contact Terry Williamson to schedule pickup/drop-off)

Submit to:  KSDB Project Chair, Terry Williamson ([email protected])

Project Parameters and Artist Submittal Details 

Project Description

“Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful” is seeking artists to produce a mural highlighting this region’s culture, history and natural features, as well as the unique spirit held by the local people that endures to this day. KSDB is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving the scenic qualities, natural resources, and beauty of the Soddy-Daisy community.

Project Site

Wimpie’s Country Restaurant, 9826 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy: owners, David and Pam Smith

Basic Theme

“Bridging the Past and the Future” Many stories and elements represent this area ranging from unique flora and fauna, coal mining, frontier days, local schools, sports, mountains, creeks, folklore, symbols, Native American history, industry, ecology, Veterans, learning, patriotism, etc. May feature varied patterns, symbols, or slogans, But, the design should not advertise Wimpie’s Restaurant. The Mural Project Committee would like to see your artistic interpretation and varied ways of expressing this theme.


For wall on southern façade of a one-story building

  • Primary design area: 12′ X 36′ (this area should feature the primary mural design)
  • Secondary design areas: 12′ X 22′ (this includes an area of mechanical equipment and the rear portion of the building along with a 2′ “sliver” of building under the mansard awning at the front.) These areas may be suitable for blocks of color, borders or an extension of elements from the primary design.

Selection Process

Art will be displayed for community feedback on June 27th at our Community Meeting and posted on the official Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful Facebook Page the week before voting. The KSDB Mural Project Committee will review submittals to select a winning design based on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Expression of Theme
  3. Visual Impact
  4. Level of Knowledge on Local Community or Subject
  5. Community Feedback
  6. Artist Experience
  7. Balance – Complexity of design vs. Ability to execute using volunteers and within timeframe

Artist Payment

There will be a $1,000 stipend paid upon completion. This considers the size and scale of the project and the intent to have volunteers prep, paint, and seal the mural under direction of the artist as “team leader”. The mural will be very visible to the public and will be heavily promoted as Soddy-Daisy’s “first” outdoor art project, benefiting both the artist and their work.


The mural is to be painted using exterior latex or acrylic paints on a prepared surface and will be sealed afterwards for protection and longevity.  Paints, tools and brushes will be provided by KSDB, either as purchased or donated by local businesses.  The selected artist will provide details on colors and overall palette.  The KSDB project committee will provide needed scaffolding and/or lifts along with the prep and sealing work. They will ensure safety practices are followed, provide refreshments (hydration) and breaks as needed.  KSDB will be responsible for volunteer recruitment and scheduling. Note: All participants will be asked to sign a waiver limiting the liability of the owners, KSDB and partners, should a major accident occur. 

The artist(s) will be responsible for the scaling and transfer of the selected design, provide an outline, or apply a grid that will serve as a guide to the community volunteers who will paint background, borders and simple elements. The selected artist will be considered the ” team leader” and must be available to direct and guide others during the process.  As leader, the artist will be responsible for detailing, final layers and touch-ups to provide an overall cohesive design. (During this final stage, they may be assisted by other professional artists if needed).

The winning design will be selected by July 6th. The selected artist will be notified and an announcement of the  winning design will be made.  Over the months of July-October, the details of the mural application will take place and the mural should be completed by November 1, 2022.