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Why Donate?

Your support is critical in maintaining and expanding Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful’s impactful programs. Every dollar you donate goes directly toward:

  • Waste Management: Covering the costs of disposing materials safely and responsibly, which is one of our most significant expenses.
  • Community Clean-Ups: Organizing events to keep our streets and parks pristine.
  • Recycling Initiatives: Promoting sustainable waste practices with events aimed at reducing landfill use.
  • Educational Outreach: Teaching sustainable practices through partnerships with local schools and organizations.
  • Beautification Projects: Enhancing the visual appeal and usability of public spaces.
  • Tree Planting and Conservation: Increasing green cover and conserving natural habitats.
  • Community Events: Merging environmental awareness with cultural activities to engage the community. We host events like the annual Soddy-Daisy Fall Festival and more!

These initiatives depend on your generous support to thrive and make a lasting difference in our community.

How Your Donation Helps

With your financial support, we can:

  • Manage Disposal Costs: Your contributions help us handle the expenses associated with the safe disposal of waste collected during community clean-ups and recycling drives.
  • Provide Essential Supplies: Including safety vests, gloves, trash pickers, and recycling bins necessary for our activities.
  • Support Operational Needs: From website maintenance to marketing materials and software essential for our operations.

Take Action: Make a Difference

Help us manage essential expenses and fund projects that keep Soddy-Daisy beautiful and sustainable.

Raise awareness and funds by starting a community fundraiser. It’s a meaningful way to contribute.

Thank you for considering a donation to Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful. Together, we can achieve a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant community.

Our Donors

Gold Level ($500 or more)

$5200 – MAR 2022 – Lyndhurst Foundation

$2000 – OCT 2021 – Private Individual

$1000 – MAR 2022 – Walmart Community Grants

$950 – 2021-2022 – Private Individual

$500 – 2022 – State of TN Riparian Tree Grant

Silver Level ($100 or more)

$100 – Gene-O Shipley

Bronze Level