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On Wednesday we were honored to collaborate with the incredible students, parents, and faculty at Ivy Academy for a service day at our beautiful North Park. 🙌🏼🌳

Together, we tackled various tasks including mulching trees and shrubs, weeding around plants, planting daisy seeds, daisy plants, and iris plants, and removing litter from the area. 🌿🌸 Not only did we make our park more beautiful, but we also had the opportunity to connect with our community and make a positive impact.

During Ivy Academy’s Student Service Days, students explore, learn, and contribute to their communities through volunteerism. 📚🌎 It’s amazing to see these young scholars, stewards, and volunteers embody the values we hold dear. 💚

A big thank you to Nolan, Bennet, Libby, Sam, Zoey, Damon, Ivy crew, parents and everyone who joined us and helped clean up the park! Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated. 🙏