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4/14/23 – 6:15pm

Cleanup Challenge – Tomorrow is our first supply pickup day

If you plan on doing a cleanup early next week you may wish to come tomorrow to either of these locations for trash bags, safety vests, grabbers and gloves. Monday and Wednesday we will have locations as well. See the full schedule:

Tomorrow (Saturday the 15th)

8am – 11am – Ivy Academy (outside by the Solar panels, you should be able to see our booth clearly from Dayton Pike) – 8520 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy, TN 37379
5pm – 7pm – Veterans Park Pavilion – 9009 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy, TN, US

If you aren’t planning on doing your cleanup until much later in the week or the weekend, please wait until a later date to pick up supplies. Again full schedule here:


Nate Sanden
Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful

4/10/23 – 1:55pm

Cleanup Challenge – Important Updates

Hey Cleanup Challenge team leader,

Hope you had a nice Easter weekend!

We are only about a week away from the start of the Cleanup Challenge and I wanted to give you a few updates:

1. As a team leader, you now have a special page for your team, where you can submit your cleanup(s) details, change your team name, add team members (optional), send waivers, etc.

Please keep this email handy, or bookmark your special team page link above. If you lose it, you can always go to the main Cleanup Challenge webpage at and click on the “Team Leader Portal” button.

2. I also created a video where I walk you through how to use your special team page, and how the CleanupChallenge will work, in general.

You can watch it here:

3. And finally, when it comes to disposing of all the trash we collect as teams, I have written up some instructions on how to handle that here. Please take a look:

Any questions or concerns, let me know!

Nate Sanden
Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful

4/3/23 – 3:05pm

Cleanup Challenge updates for team leaders Р2 Weeks Away!

Hey team leaders! We are just short weeks away from the official start of the 2nd Annual Cleanup Challenge.

I have a few event details I want to share with you and more likely to come next week. Note: All of this information and more will also be on our website at – Make that your go-to place for everything you need. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

1. Safety first

As team leader, you must make the safety of you and your team members your top priority. Be sure to go over these safety guidelines with your team BEFORE you do your cleanup(s). All team members should absolutely wear a safety vest.

2. Cleanup supplies

We will have plenty of trash bags but gloves, safety vests and especially trash grabbers are in limited supply so we are asking team leaders to bring back supplies as soon as they are finished cleaning up for the week. If you plan to do multiple cleanups throughout the week, no problem, hold onto your supplies, but if you are just planning one cleanup, consider getting supplies as close as you can to your cleanup date and bringing them back as soon as possible as well.

To get/return supplies, we will have many different dates and locations available. Please see the event page for the most up-to-date list but here is what it looks like so far.


3. Photos

While you are out, please, please, please take lots of photos of your team, your trash bags you collect, your weirdest trash items found, funny poses, anything you find photo-worthy. You may even want to designate one team member as the photographer. Make sure they have a good camera! There will be at least one prize awarded based on photos alone, so make sure you get them.

4. Submit your cleanup results

After you finish your cleanup(s) you need to submit your results here. You will need to keep track of how many bags, tires and other large trash items you found, how many team members joined you, cleanup location, cleanup date, photos, etc. Don’t delay in submitting the results or you may forget or be too late to participate in the contest.

5. What to do with the trash you collect

1) You can dispose of it yourself. If you or a team member have a truck, you are welcome to dispose of all the trash yourself. Be sure to get photos first!

2) You can leave it on the side of the road, whether one big pile of bags or scattered bags (as you go). Just make sure they are far enough off the side of the road as to not impede traffic or cause any safety issues. If you choose this option, it’s imperative you submit your cleanup results so we can come and collect the trash and dispose of it.

6. We will have a celebration afterwards

On April 29 @ 5pm we will have a celebration at the Soddy Lake Pavillion where we will have food, award prizes and even a trophy to the winning team. All team leaders, team members and family will be invited. More details to come.

Nate Sanden
Keep Soddy-Daisy Beautiful